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Getting you money back

Depending on which article you read, 65-80% of business energy contracts were arranged through a broker. We can investigate and recover undisclosed commissions. And that’s just the start.

Saving you money going forward

We can help you get the right deal on a number of products and services; Utilities, Energy, Merchant services. Services your business needs, but doesn’t need to overpay for.

Business Energy and Utility Claims

If your business used energy and/or Utility broker(s) to arrange your energy contract, you are not alone.

Millions of UK businesses have used brokers to get the right deal. However, hundreds of thousands of businesses have fallen foul of the practice of hidden commission.

Brokers are obliged to disclose commissions are paid. Instead, many have made misleading statements and concealed their incentives.

We are currently working with businesses where the average claim is circa to £25,000 and with some claims into the millions.

We can determine how much you have been overcharged and we work with specialist law firms to recover the monies due.

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Energy, Utilities and Merchant Services going forward

We know the right people to get you a better deal on all the unavoidable and essential services to your business. Water, Electricity, Gas, Renewables, Waste & Merchant Services.

We can help you get the right contract(s).

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